Birth and death certificates in Uganda, how you can get your original copy

Birth certificates are must have documents that prove citizenship the same way a National ID card does. Death certificates are on the other hand relevant documents that are not on the same popularity streak as the born date drothers.

Owning a Birth certificate is a compulsory norm the same a National ID card tempts you to fully recover it once it’s lost. Luckily, the National Information and registration authority (NIRA) is the same Govt agency responsible for the issuance of original and approved certificates.

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In case you don’t own a Birth certificate, then you need to keep up with one for citizenship approval. Either way, the Same process applies to a relative or close firing who could have lost his / her life and a certificate is needed to take over from the deceased’s world creation. Hence, here is the procedure to easily get your Birth or death certificate with ease.

Getting A Birth Certificate

  • Visit the NIRA Website via
  • Download all Birth or death registration A and B forms
  • Print and Fill in all forms.
  • For a Birth certificate, attach your birth hospital slips or Church baptism card.
  • Submit the forms to your nearby NIRA office (or district level NIRA outlet).
  • Pay UGX 5000 to the provided NIRA bank details and submit payment slip.
  • Wait for a confirmation and pick your Birth Certificate from the NIRA point of submission office.
  • For Death Certificates, follow the NIRA guidelines on submission of the downloaded forms.

So if you don’t own a Birth Certificate which must be the essential document required after your National ID card to approve your citizenship in Uganda, then we hope the above guide will add a smooth texture to the processing bit of your new identity document.

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Either way, untimely death is an approval of the insurance term, “uncertainty is bound to happen”. So you might want to approve the identity of your past peer by obtaining a certificate to validate their past life. Nevertheless, if you wish to recover your lost birth certificate, then you have download recovery forms instead of registration versions using the same procedure.

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