If your Password is Stolen, Google Chrome will now warn you to change it

Google Chrome is rolling out a new update that features a pile of improved privacy and security options designed to keep you safe on the web. Leading the pike, a leaked passwords notification is a new feature that alerts you if your password has been stolen

The new feature will work across sites where you log in using your Google Chrome browser whether on a Smartphone or desktop

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The feature was first introduced as a Chrome extension in the Google Apps store earlier this year before it was officially included in the passwords checkup menu under Google Account settings in October.

After evolving into a standalone Google Chrome feature, the service double-checks your password and username on a list of exposed passwords to notify you whether you’re in danger or you are safe on a privacy whitelist

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Additionally, the stolen password alert cruises hand in hand with the new Chrome phishing protection standard that automatically blocks Phishing websites with an improved update duration of 30 minutes per checkup

Google Chrome phishing regulator
The Google Chrome Phishing cycle over the years

According to Google through its Blog, the phishing protection updated gauge of 30 minutes protects over 4 billion devices against all kind of security threats and information leaks

Excitingly, Google Chrome has further improved its zombie identification algorithm by increasing its trap mark to 30% against all sites visited through the “Make searches and browsing better” Setting to be integrated to the desktop browser with Chrome 79 rolling out very soon.

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