Google to unveil next pixel on october 4th event

Last year Google revealed that we would “remember” October 4th for the debut of the Pixel, and now, just a year later we’re highly anticipating version 2 of the pixel.
Last week a billboard in the US quietly revealed the possible launch of the Pixel 2 on the original’s anniversary, and now Google has officially confirmed just that. The teaser isn’t as blatantly obvious about it being a phone as last year, but it does very well confirm that we are getting new Pixels.

google pixel 2 concept

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Advertising around the Pixel last year focused on teasing the power of Google and its various services on your phone, but this year it seems Google is just straight up focusing in on what makes the Pixel better and better.
Obviously, we already know a lot about the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL through several leaks on the internet, but nonetheless, it’s still going to be exciting to see Google’s reveal in just a couple of weeks from now,and preferably next year in October we see the debut of the pixel 3 still by Google.

maxresdefault 1

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The Google pixel is by far an amazing release since it takes down the giant brands which include Samsung and LG in the mobile race,thus on october 4th we expect to see yet an exciting amazing release from the Google.


Last year’s Google Pixel series was far from affordable. The Pixel launched at $649 (32 GB) and $749 (128 GB), while the XL variant retailed for $769 (32 GB) and $869 (128 GB).We expect this year’s price to be far way more affordable.At this point the pixel will have to compete with the biggest brands in the market since Google only sold over a million units of the pixels series as opposed to Samsung which sold over five million units of the s8 and s8 plus after only 26 days of availability and big brands like the LG G6 are coming on market together with Huawei’s P10 and P10 plus.

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