Huawei’s to delay in finding Google service alternatives for Harmony OS

Having suffered a turf trade ban by the Trump administration, Huawei is not done with cooking up new solutions to prevent future outcomes affiliated to the US like move.

As per the US trade ban document, Huawei is not supposed to make business with any western company with Google leading the pike of the most important wings in Huawei’s veins.

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Though Google revoked Android support for future Huawei releases and later lifted the ban due to a hold in the US order, Huawei’s custom OS future lane started with its Huawei Mate 30 that didn’t feature any Google affiliated apps apart from Android itself.

The most popular services on the Google cloud include Youtube, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos plus the Android Playstore, and none of these apps were pre-installed on the recently launched Mate 30 series.

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However, Huawei’s plan is to create their own custom ecosystem to battle with Google’s mobile services (GMS) portal in a contest for subscribers and overall usage as the company’s USA Vice president confirmed during an interview with financial times.

After the entity list, we were able to figure out some of the alternative solutions. The most challenging part is Google-managed services. We can continue to use the Android platform since it is open-source, but we cannot use the services that help apps run on it

Joy Tan – Huawei USA Vice President

As a matter of fact, GMS (Google Mobile services) will soon be no more to all releases after the company’s shipment of the Huawei Mobile services (HMS) suite evidenced on the Mate 30 and the Nova 5t Smartphones.

On the contrary flip, Harmony OS will delay to become live due to the construction of a fresh new ecosystem for future Huawei devices after slashing earlier assumptions that the Operating System would be ready by 2020.

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