OFFICIAL: Huawei’s HongMeng/Harmony OS is Open Source

Huawei last Friday announced its custom in-house operating system HongMeng as an OpenSource standard product. Joining already known FOSS(Free and Open Source Software) projects like Android, Linux and the soon to dive-in Microsoft Windows. HongMeng brings to play new IoT standards a notch higher than any other project in the same league.

HongMeng trademarked as Harmony OS in the Europe has already been revealed as a project destined for Smart devices like 5G TVs, Smartphones, SmartWatches among other IoT powered pieces manufactured by Huawei.

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According to Yu Chengdong__the Huawei business group CEO, Harmony OS will help build its ecosystem faster as more developers will now be able to contribute to its overall development. This includes top companies like Google that may prefer to ship in their products as part of the Hongmeng catalog.

Among the confirmed devices that are expected to ship HongMeng OS so far include Huawei Smart TVs and wearables. However, the Chinese giant confirmed that it will delay the roll out to Smartphones since it still relies on Android for now as Yu Chengdong further stated.

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“If we cannot use Android in the future, we can immediately switch to HarmonyOS,” Yu said at a press conference.

Its is to be noted that Huawei is one of the major development wings that have made the Android Project what it is today. So, with the new Open-source standards for Huawei’s custom project that stepped in as a solution to Google’s Android ban, Hongmeng/Harmony OS will some time in the future become the default OS for all Huawei Smartphone releases.

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