How strong is your password? here is how you can test your online privacy status

Password security is a key formidable online behavior route that we always tend to ignore in the long run. However, did you know that password security is as important as your bank account pin? If you wish to try the trembles of low password security, then hackers are the perfect pepper teasers.

With the rise of internet usage igniting new threats to the overall trend at a time when telcos are upgrading internet bands. You might want to double check the strength of your password in a much secure environment than your usual email or social media login forms. So, here is how you can check the strength of your password with a loopback on how fast it can be cracked for maximum security online.

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Checking the Strength of Your Password

Step 1: Visit the free to use How secure is my password website

Step 2: Enter your current password to test its strength

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Step 3: Check the time it takes to crack your password

Step 4: Follow suggestions to make your password even stronger to stay safe

how secure is your password
By Entering your password in the text field, the tester will double check your password strength to calculate how long a computer can take to crack your hashed password

As you can see your password rankings on the secure non-phishing password portal. The actual rate at which your password can be cracked and the moment in time hackers or another attacker may use to gain access to any of your accounts becomes a vital goal of duration a the best password is one with a couple of Trillion years for it to be cracked.

In fact, the rate of cyber-related crimes can never meet any potential lows if every internet user is able to periodically double check the strength of their password. Either way, you can choose to ride with another password checker or manager like Dashlane to know and protect the strength of the password you’re using to access several internet services like Emails and Social media accounts in the sharp hairpin.

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