How to buy on Amazon, eBay, Walmart for direct delivery in Uganda

The rate of digital inclusion is on a fast track amidst potential blocks like OTT tax that require you to either cope with the gov’t policy or evade the law. As the rate of internet penetration continues to sink in more areas around Uganda now that Airtel’s 4G network blooms through all corners, shopping from international websites to Uganda has become a necessity for products not available in local stores.

For instance, If you wanted to buy a Google Pixel 3 or Oppo flagship easily, what would you do? Shopping with the giant becomes the gateway to sweet opportunities. However, the majority of these shopping websites don’t ship directly to Uganda but instead through couriers who tend to be expensive in return. Either way, local drop shippers can save you from the bulky cross-continent situation to have your order fulfilled in Uganda.

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Among the best websites you should rely on, Good Xpress was one of the high caliber warners before it was erased from existence and Masikini, Bazebo became the rulers of shipping products directly to Uganda. Nonetheless, these are some of the notable websites you can choose to sub shop from your amazon, Alibaba or eBay products for delivery in Uganda.

  1. Masikini
  2. Bazebo
  3. Buy From USA
  4. USA Address
  5. Nile cargo

Shopping your products for delivery in Uganda

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Inorder to have your Amzon or eBay order fuldilled in Uganda, simply search for your desired product on any of thee websites and copy the link. Head over to any of the above-listed websites and paste the link their for a calculation of shipping costs and taxes for your order to be fulfilled.

Either way, simply make use of the local based websites to search for your product and complete order to have it delivered to you. For option 4 on the available list, you can create your own virtual US address that can be used to deliver your Amazon or eBay orders in Uganda by simply taking control of the whole process by yourself.

Nonetheless, you can choose a website like Masikini or Bazebo that allows you to search for products off the giant e-commerce sites and pay by mobile money to have them delivered to your door step.

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