How to Download Your Full Instagram Account data

Instagram now allows you to download your full account data comprising of the comments you make, pictures and videos you uploaded, Your profile and alot more Information hosted on your Instagram account.

Apparently, the ability to download Instagram Information was effected after a shift in the United Kingdom’s presence in the European Union (EU) that has forced various providers including Facebook to move their data centers from Britain to the US.

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Having voted to leave the European Union in 2016 by a margin of 52% by British Citizens against a No count of only 48%. Britain chose to exit the EU causing a francus in company partnerships and coalitions. Thus, users have since then wanted to exit Instagram attracting a token of thanks blended in the ability to download their data.

Although your intention may not be deleting your Instagram Account. You may need a copy of your data hosted on the Platform for security or personal reasons.

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Well, to download your Instagram data, all you need is direct access to your Instagram account, access to its associated Email, and current password to receive a compressed .Zip file with your data.

Instagram Privacy and Security Options
The Instagram Privacy and Security option

Downloading your Instagram Information

Instagram Data Download
The Download Your Data Instagram option
  1. Log in to your Instagram account, via mobile or Web
  2. Go to Your Account Settings
  3. Choose Privacy and Security
  4. Then Click, Download your Data
  5. From the open text box, Enter your Account’s Email Address
  6. Then, Enter Your Password, and Click Request Download
  7. Done: The Instagram team will compile your data and send it in less than 48hours

Once you submit a request to download your Instagram data, it will be sent to your associated Email Address once compiled by the Instagram team under 48hours. However, you can only submit a request once every 48 hours to download your data.

How to download Instagram data
The Instagram Data Request Success Message

Either way, Once you receive your Instagram data, you can then choose to clear your account photos and start afresh or simply erase your presence on Instagram.

Nonetheless, with the ability to download your info, the same way you can on Facebook, it means, you can have full control over the data you share online.

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