How to enable Google maps Incognito mode on your Android Smartphone

Google Maps is the most popular navigation and location-centric app on the internet with millions of users relying on the service for daily usage. As a popular norm, almost all ride-hailing services like Uber, Taxify, Little and the likes use the service for regular rider and driver navigations

Though Google maps has always been an open wing for each and every user, the App now allows you to hide your identity and use your Smartphone without storing any scent of your browsing data.

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As another term for private browsing, Incognito allows you to access Google maps without pounding your browsing data and cache on your Smartphone’s Internal storage counter

The new Incognito feature is currently available to only Android users following Google’s commitment on privacy and has these App features disabled in incognito mode.

  • Commute
  • For You
  • Location History: Location History will be paused for your entire device, not just Maps.
  • Location Sharing
  • Notifications and messages
  • Search history
  • Search completion suggestions
  • Google Maps Contributions
  • Google Assistant microphone in Navigation
  • Offline Maps
  • Your Places
  • Media integration

Enabling Google Maps Incognito mode

  • Click / Tap your Google account avatar (Account Image in the top corner of the app)
  • Tap Turn on Incognito mode or Tap to turn off the mode
  • Done
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