How to Enable Split Screen in Microsoft Edge

Split Screen in Microsoft Edge is a new feature that has excited many to use the browser trying to compete for a market share dominated by Google Chrome. The feature is a slice of a bigger Microsoft revamp that Microsoft is working on with the Phoenix project.

Newer features headlined by the Split Screen in Microsoft Edge are all expected to be revealed in a major update that will ship with Windows 12. For now, you can enable split screen in Microsoft Edge without joining the browser’s Beta channel, and here is how.

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Microsoft Edge Canary
  1. Download the Microsoft Edge Canary Build.
  2. Install the browser on your computer. By default, it will not replace your Microsoft Edge, but show up as a new browser.
  3. Once installed, enter edge://flags/#edge-split-screen in your URL field.
  4. The page loads directly to the Split Screen feature. Click the drop-down button, and select Enable Now.
  5. Once enabled, click Restart to save changes.
  6. Verify that a new Split Screen Icon is added in the top left corner on your Microsoft Edge extensions/features bar.

How to use Split Screen in Microsoft Edge

To use split screen in Microsoft Edge, you need to open a webpage to split it in two, for example, You can view your search results, and still visit a single result page in the same tab. This means, the split screen feature works by combining two separate tables into one as described below.

Use Split Screen on a single web page

Split Screen in Microsoft Edge
  1. Open a web page of your choice, for example,
  2. Within the web page, right-click on any clickable Item of your choice.
  3. Select Open link in Split window.
  4. Your tab will be split into two sides, left and right. The right side loads your new link content, and the left keeps your original web page.
  5. To close the split screen view, click the X symbol.

Split Screen two tabs into one

New Split Screen in Microsoft Edge
  1. Click the Split Screen icon on the extensions bar.
  2. You are prompted to select your target tab in the new split. Choose your preferred tab to open it in the split view.
  3. To adjust the width of any of the splits, click the boundaries of the split, and drag to start changing the viewing size.
  4. Start interacting and using your new split screen tabs in a single tab.
  5. To switch your tab back from split screen to full view, click the options dots and select Open Screen in new tab.

In summary, split screen in Microsoft Edge is so far available for use, but when officially rolled out, more features will be added to the functionality including the ability to let you add a third tab. For now, this is how you can enable and use the split screen feature in Microsoft Edge.

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