How to switch to the New Facebook with Dark Mode and more features

Facebook has a fresh new design that features dark mode, and a chunk of more excellent features that allow you to use the Social media platform is a fashion much better than ever before.

Having released the new version months back, the New Facebook layout has been on a slow rollout, but now available for every user. However, your account mayn’t automatically switch to the new Facebook version, but here is a fix on how you can forcefully race to the new layout.

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Force-Switching to the new Facebook on Desktop

Step1: Visit and Logout your Account if Logged in

Step 2: Clear your browser cache

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By clearing your Browser’s cache, you’re making your browser feed new Facebook cookies and cache for your accounts. So, the next time you log in, your Interface would have changed.

Step 3: Login back to Facebook and Enjoy the new Facebook Design

how to switch to Facebook

How to Turn-on Dark Mode

Dark mode is the new normal for all platforms trailing in the user experience lane, first it was with high-end Smartphones system wide mode, then Apps adopted the streak with full support on WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, TikTOk and alot more Apps.

Well, to turn o Dark mode on the new Facebook, all you need to do is access your Facebook option drop down list and hover the Dark mode button on or off.

  • Locate the Facebook options list (drop down symbol in the top-left corner)
How to turn-on Facebook dark mode
  • Between Help & Support and the Switch to Facebook classic option, Click the Dark Mode switch
  • Done: Your Facebook Account will switch to dark mode, and you can turn it off by flipping the button back

All in All, Facebook’s new Design is a charm inspired by the Facebook mobile App. Among the noticeable changes, Pages Management, News Feed, Facebook Gaming, and Facebook watch now have new locations.

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