Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei echoes Note to Biden Administration: We wont give up the idea of industrialisation

The Huawei Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ren Zhengfei has echoed a new note to the United States under the new Biden administration with a hopeful tone for those gathered around the big round table. The CEO has pledged to stick to a globalization strategy despite external pressure, and has called on the new administration to devise new open policies that are in the interests of US companies and the US economy as a whole.

The Huawei CEO made these remarks in his first press briefing since Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States held in Taiyuan after the launch of an Intelligent Mining Innovation Lab. According to Ren, the US wants economic growth and China wants to have economic growth as well, so, it’s all about joint development and shared success as he said:

“Trade benefits both sides. Allowing US companies to supply goods to Chinese customers is conducive to their own financial performance. If Huawei’s production capacity expands, US companies could sell more. It’s a win-win situation. I believe the new administration will weigh these interests as they consider their policies,”

said Ren
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Ren stated that Huawei creates value to the whole ecosystem and wider economy. Exemplary, Huawei has built 5G networks in many cities in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and its networks in Europe top global network performance tests, benefiting all the users on those networks.

“The fact high-end users can use the iPhone 12 to its fullest effect on our 5G networks in Europe is a testament to the quality of our networks. As humanity keeps making progress, no company can develop a globalized industry alone. It requires concerted efforts around the world ”

Ren added

Huawei’s relations with the US

For the past 2 years, the United States government under the Trump administration has against Huawei as a threat to national cybersecurity, and its equipment could be used to spy on Americans, but since no evidence has ever been brought to book, Huawei has repeatedly denied the claims as dangerous drops from the US-China trade war.

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However, the presence of Huawei on the US entity list has presented new opportunities to a current norm of survival as Ren inked “We have found new and more ways to overcome our challenges. Our sales revenue and profits in 2020 were higher than the previous years,”

But given the fact that the global ecosystem highly depends on joint developments, Huawei’s doors are open to discussions with the new Biden administration on how both China and US companies can bridge new mutual relations.

“If Huawei’s production capacity can be expanded, that would mean more opportunities for U.S. companies to supply too. I believe that’s going to be mutually beneficial. I believe that (the) new administration would bear in mind such business interests as they are about to decide their new policy.”

Rhen added

Enabling digital transformation for industries

Ren said new strategies include research and development and growing deeper roots in vertical industries around the world to enable the digital transformation with Huawei’s core ICT capabilities. Ren said the Intelligent Mining Innovation Lab would result in better services for mines with 5G.

“By supporting the mining industry, we can grow our business and support more efficient and safer production in mines. We can also enable coal mine workers to ‘wear suits and ties’ at work” Ren said. “In the 5G era, connecting businesses is the main goal. There are many industries that we are not too familiar with, like airports, ports, coal mining, iron and steel production, automotive manufacturing, and aircraft manufacturing. That’s why we built joint labs to learn more about the needs of these industries.”

Huawei’s business results for the first nine months of the year 2020 showed that, revenue totaled 671.3 billion yuan ($98.57 billion), up 9.9% from that of the same period in 2019.

“We’ll continue serving our customers well by creating more value for them. We want them to have lasting faith in us, and we hope that they won’t sway because of political pressure,” concluded Ren.

EDITOR’s NOTE: Part of this story is from an official press release shared to the Tech Point Magazine team

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