Huawei levels 5G with new Cable Free Antenna Technology

Huawei Technologies has launched new Cable-free Antennas with improved networking capabilities to facilitate base stations with better latency, efficiency, Integration, radiation, and power capacity.

The new technology beats the current generation 5G antenna design of mobile networks by far with improved antenna performance that meets 5G construction requirements. 

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Cable-free Technology brings to play a pack of latest technologies including integrated phase filters and cable-free feeding that increase antenna performance. At the moment, the new technology has been applied to Huawei’s Munich Pro, London Pro antennas, and 32T32R Massive MIMO products.

New CableFree Technology Benefits

  • High-band coverage for 5G.
  • Higher output power to facilitate 5G multi-band and multi-channel applications.
  • Reduced antenna weight to facilitate installation.
  • Better PIM performance.

According to Huawei’s President of Antenna Business Mr. Zhang Jiayi, the company innovates based on customer demands for target 5G networks. This helps customers build efficient yet high-performance networks to achieve their business goals in the 5G era.

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Likely, the new Cable Free Antennas have been built based on customer demands to build efficient 5G networks. In countries where the new Antenna technology will be implemented, Improvement and expedition in 5G construction will be achieved.

Antennas are crucial for 5G networks. Higher performance and integration are the main trends of antenna innovation in the 5G era. CableFree breaks the antenna design bottleneck, representing an inevitable trend of the antenna industry

Zhang Jiayi, President of Huawei Antenna Business Unit.
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