Huawei to shift its research center from USA to Canada

Huawei lost alot during the U.S restriction game to a point that major parts suppliers put a stop to their relationship with the brand. Though, the Trump administration has always inked plans to lift the Huawei ban, the Chinese tech Giant has always been ready for every step of the entity list path

In an Interview with Canada’s Globe and Mail media wings, Ren Zhengfei inked plans to shift Huawei’s research center from the US to Canada as a result of restrictions pounded on to it by the Trump administration

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This is not only a move by Huawei to take its own safety into practice, it’s also an expansion plan to manufacturer network gear in new countries outside China.

Once the research facility is shifted to Canada, Huawei may start its manufacture of network equipment from the country as it plans to implement t the same course in several European countries

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In a bid to bury the US rumors that it manufactures equipment from China with cyber security twists to tackle country level networks and security levels. Huawei’s manufacturer of network equipment outside China will cut down 5G connectivity costs and increase opportunities for locals

As a matter of fact, Huawei has spent over $510 million at its US facility but due to the country restrictions, it cut down the number of employees from 600 to 250 at the facility with a new move to completely shift the center to Canada.

Hence, the manufacture of Huawei 5G equipment in Canada and other European countries will expedite the 5G path much faster than what was anticipated though the fate of Huawei 5G in Canada was postponed till the federal election in the country comes to a close.

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