Huawei Uganda donates IT equipment in the fight against COVID-19

Huawei Uganda has today donated telemedicine solutions to assist the Ministry of Health in the fight against Corona Virus (COVID19). The IT equipment company blended its support through a teleconferencing package to enable health officials work remotely.

The package included video conferencing equipment that shall enable mobile video meetings, and communications among staff in various sites such as health centers and the ministry of health.

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The video conferencing solution includes special video terminals and software that can link to more devices such as smartphones and computers to allow doctors to communicate at whatever time or place

While receiving the new system, Dr. Ruth Aceng was grateful for Huawei’s donation and commended them for their efforts in grooming the local ICT sector.

I am very grateful for this wonderful and generous donation by Huawei, this is of great importance to the country in such a time as this. We thank you Huawei for your great effort and contribution to the ICT of the ministry and Uganda. Be safe

Dr. Ruth Aceng
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According to the Huawei Executive Director Enterprise Business group Mr Bai Chengyu, the video conferencing equipment has been installed at different offices at the Ministry of Health, and Mulago Hospital.

Additionally, the system features multi-point functions that enable International collaboration with similar systems in different countries. For instance, a Chinese doctor was reportedly connected for remote consultation during the system test today at the Health Ministry headwaters in Kampala.

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