Huawei under investigation by US Prosecutors over new allegations

Huawei is under Investigation for fresh new allegations by the Trump administration beneath new Cybersecury claims embedded in the strings of Intellectual property piracy.

As per Insider reports inked by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), US prosecutors have kick-started a new investigations path on alleged stealing of Technology by Huawei.

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Meaning, Huawei as a company could have been phishing its partner resources from a black hat room as per the new allegation report.

Huawei is accused of stealing intellectual property from individuals and companies for several years, bundled with phishing employees from rival companies/competitors__The report further added.

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However, based on the new allegations sheet, the Huawei legal team has not compiled a reply about the matter yet, but according to the rumor mill, Donald Trump’s recent talks with China to lift the Huawei ban could have been a waste as per the new allegations.

To a point that Huawei is facing a tough time in almost all countries it operates, Its new allegations by the US might tighten its overall operations worldwide even when Counties like SouthAfrica welcomed the 5G technology mover.

Hence, after boiling up from Fire initiated by the WSJ over allegations of spying on Ugandan and Zambian politicians. Huawei’s mix is now blown up to an extent that Android could be a long-gone story in their camp by the time its rivalry with the US comes to a close.

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