Infinix is launching the new Zero 5 top feature smartphone 

Infinix Zero series smartphones are a new flagship by Infinix a top feature smartphone brand under Transsion limited. The Infinix Zero 5 is the latest rumoured top feature smartphone expected to launch tomorrow 14th November 2017 in Dubai, adopted from its predecessor the Zero 4 was launched by Infinix in 2016 a top feature phone that clearly paved way for its expected successor the Zero 5.

Infinix Zero 4 is the predecessor of the Zero 5

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Expected to make a high impact on the current market trends, The Infinix zero 5 is expected to be the top game changer to prove that a user can own an Android based smartphone better than any apple flagship. With a dual camera seemingly proving the point that 2 is indeed better than one with the portrait master that can take photos comparerable to those of a highly professional DSLR camera.

Infinix Uganda expected to release the new Zero 5 smartphone

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Infinix Zero 5 Specifications 

The Infinix zero 5 smartphone is expected to be released in both 64gb and 128gb storage space making it stress free with no need for a T-flash memory card. With XOS 603 Android software the zero 5 is the best smartphone you can ever get at a great price between $333 to $388 making it far away better than  the iPhone X which goes for a hooping $1000 with features similar to the Zero 5.

Infinix zero 5 screenshot

6gb is the amount of Ram that comes with this top feature Infinix Zero 5 making it very fast to execute tasks but most of all Freeze free, meaning you can never expect low times where applications jam to process.

The Infinix zero 5 launch will be live on YouTube at 6pm Dubai time,however you can follow the updates online with hashtag #PotraitMaster. As we wait for the biggest launch of the year, how are you prepared for the best 2017 flagship?

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