Infinix S4 Vs Infinix S3: The best Smartphone to consider

Infinix Mobile unveiled the Infinix S4 earlier last month in May, the S3 was already doing great on the market, but the newly improved model has proved to be one of the best smartphones of announced in 2019.

Just like the Spark 2 and Spark 3 that pose a slightly higher margin between the feature difference. Infinix’s S series entrants tame to the same square and here is a shot of the device differences and specifications craze.

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Infinix S4 Vs Infinix S3 Specifications Showdown

Operating System: Android 9 PieAndroid 8.0
Display: 6.2 Inch Screen + Waterdrop5.7 inch Screen
Camera: 13MP+8MP+2MP (Rear)
32MP (Front)
13MP (Rear)
13MP (Front)
Internal Storage: 64GB32GB
Battery: Non-removable 4000mAhNon-removable 4000 mAh
Price:UGX 585,000 ($155)UGX 450,000 ($120)
Infinix S4 Vs Infinix S3
A battle for Display, The Infinix S3 (reddish) with a default and more bezels display as the S4 carries a waterdrop notch plus lesser bezels for a full display real estate

The Build, Design and display diffences

Unlike the Infinix S4 which brings to life a waterdrop notch to the Infinix selfie centric lane with a 6.2Inch Screen, the Infinix S3 poses a normal display pallet riding on a 5.7-inch screen as its superior successor piles. The S4 further has a full display resoltuion of upto 720*1520__thanks to the new display mode as the S3 rides on 720*1440 resolution.

On the contrary, the design of these two numeric phones brings to book minimal bezels and borders for the S4 as the S3 poses a slightly bigger body making its successor a slim and less bulky alternative to it. Furthermore, the Infinix S4 has a different charging port, headphone jack, and speaker setting all mated to the bottom lane inking a different craze from the Infinix S3.

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Infinix S3 Vs S4
A Sideways view of the Infinix S4 (bottom) Vs the S3(top), both phones pose the same functionality buttons layout, but a shiny advantage for the S4

Build wise, Both the Infinix S3 and Infinix S4 pose an unremovable battery devotion as a left-sided SIM cards tray further allows you to conveniently change communication cards without tampering with the inbuilt 4000mAh stronghold battery.

s3 vs s4 bottom layout
The S3 (Red) and the S4 (Spacy gray) bottom layout differences

However, the Infinix S4 which is the latest member of the S series family has a triple camera force, Unlike the Infinix S3 that ships a single rear camera craze and a duo flash as the S4 further trails with a quad flash for maximum picture quality. The S4 further has a padded round fingerprint sensor as the Infinix S3 has a fully rounded sensor to the central backplate.

Camera Ratings

Since Infinix mobile dedicated its S series range to the selfie-centric camp, camera performance is a vital option to tame with for any release with a Hot S tagline. Both the Infinix S4 and Infinix S3 are elegant smartphones, but of course the camera performance can’t fall in the same rankings range.

The Infinix S4 teases a total of 4 cameras with 3 rear pieces finishing its back plate as a lone selfie version occupies is waterdrop notch position. The Infinix S3, on the other hand, has a total of 2 cameras with 1 13MP rear version and a lone 13MP selfie drother to the front.

The infinix s3 vs s4 rear layout
A rear layout of the Infinix S4 (Spacy gray) posing an improved fingerprint sensor riding on a triple camera force and the Infinix S3(RED) with a single rear camera, dual flash plus the circular sensor

However, on testing the quality of the two smartphones, the Infinix S4 produces much more detail in both selfie and rear pictures taken using the smartphone. Though the S3 produces some elegant quality as well, its successor undoubtedly deserves the top slot with mind-blowing pictures produced.

Overall device perfomance

When it comes to the performance graph for these two releases, an even curve exists between the two selfie centric companions. The Infinix S3 ships 3GB RAM supported by 32GB of Internal storage for full performance on an Oct core Media Tek processor, as the Infinix S4 cops up a superiror notion with 6GB of RAM supported by 64GB ROM for lightning-fast performance on an Oct Core MediaTek MT6762 processor.

s3 vs s4 screen view
ASuccessor Vs Predeccessor Show Down: The Infinix S4 to the right and the Infinix S3 left

On testing some bulky 3D games on both phones, the Infinix S4 performed way better than the Infinix S3 in terms of response times, making the Android 9 powered S4 a better performance companion as compared to the Android 8 powered Infinix S3 Smartphone.

The price difference

Budget-friendly smartphones are usually tamed in the mid-range tier with a cheap slogan for the low range tier. Amazingly, both the Infinix S4 and Infinix S3 smartphones are mid-range companions, though the two smartphones have a wide price margin between them.

The Infinix S4 retails for 585,000/= as the Infinix S3 retails for 450,000/= in Uganda closely converting to $155 and $120 for the two smartphones respectively. So, the Infinix S3 wins the price motion but if you love quality and a test of the newest operating system (Android 9 Pie) then, the glittering Infinix S4 deserves a slot in your pocket.

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