Instagram to add a ‘Remembering tag” in memory of a dead user

In this trying COVID 19 pandemic period, Instagram is rolling out a ‘remembering tag’ for users who lost their lives and with accounts currently in memorialization mode.

“We’re making changes to help people identify if an Instagram account belongs to someone who has passed away. We’ll have more to share on this at a later time.”,confirmed a Instagram Communications personnel on Twitter

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The Memoralzation feature has been around for some time and it was first rolled out to Facebook where a user profile with multiple RIP tags is flagged with a ‘Remembering the life of” tag. With Instagram, you are able to see a Remembering flag just above the deceased user’s account name.

In addition to the tag, Instagram will place a default landing page showing that the account you’re browsing is in memorization mode with a notice reading “This account has been memorialized. Memorialized accounts are a place to remember and celebrate someone’s life after they’ve passed away”.

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Any memoralized account on Instagram will have no login access, but the user’s photos, videos, and comments will remain intact even when they can’t be listed under Instagram’s explore feed tab.

To memorialize an Instagram account and mark the user as deceased, Instagram’s algorithm can automatically sniff account tags with RIP and in-memory of comments or another user can file an account by filling in a form via with proof of death, demise date, and attachments from relevant news sources.

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