Instagram update brings new seasonal stickers

In a blog post, Instagram announced the new seasonal stickers that will come in handy as today marks autumnal equinox for the northern hemisphere. But the company didn’t leave out those in the southern hemisphere where spring is just beginning.
If you are in the northern hemisphere, you’ll see a new cozy sticker pack for autumn complete with expressive acorns, falling leaves, warm beanies and cups of tea.
And for those in the southern hemisphere, flowers, kits and happy sprouts help you celebrate the arrival of spring. All these added to Instagram as a way to make the app more fun.

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Instagram previously added the story feature to the app and many users were happy to have this snapchat like feature shipped to the best photo sharing platform,However users will enjoy the seasonal stickers amidst more plans by Instagram to add more exciting features to its app in-order to make the user experience more appeasing since many apps are developed to target the same users and it only remains fight for a slot from these users where Instagram celebrated over 200 million users recently,and with these new stickers Instagram is definitely more exciting.

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