Itel P33 launched in Uganda with an 80 hours AI-powered battery

Itel mobile has for the past 5 years proved to be a perfect smartphone manufacturer to reckon with in an affordable league. Some of the trendy smartphones you can’t fail to notice come from its P series caliber that features phones with big batteries capable of surviving for over 3 days with a single charge. And now, Itel P33 is the new entrant to this category with an 80 hours AI-powered battery.

Building on the premium legacy of long-lasting battery performance. The Itel P33 packs a 4000mAh battery designed to keep the phone online for up to 80 hours after a 1 single charge and full throttle usage optimized by a new AI system layer.

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As a matter of fact, the P33 is a much superior version of the p32 even with only a numeric increment separating the two. From the battery, to the camera and design, these are some of the elegant features inked during the P33 launch in Kampala.

AI Power Master to Ensure Your Power in Control

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The Itel P33 ships a new AI Power master that optimizes power consumption of the smartphone for more usage. With this new optimization feature, the device ships an uptime of 80 hours with normal usage, 22 hours on a continuous 3G phone call and 350 hours standby with a SIMcard.

Additional to the uptime duration of the smartphone with AI power master enabled, the p33 power saving mode also intelligently adjusts the device performance over Wifi, Bluetooth, data and display brightness once a low battery level is met for more hours of usage.

Big Memory for More Storage

Unlike all previous Itel power releases, the P33 ships 16GB of internal storage with up to 12GB of usable space. Thanks to the light pre-installed Go apps running on an optimized Android Go oreo operating system, the phone allows adding more apps without halting the system storage in any way.

Double Security to Protect Your Privacy

Similar to the 2018 P32 release, Itel’s P33 further brings the fingerprint sensor back to life at a time when foldable smartphones are ruling the edge. However, Itel mobile pimped the P33 with an additional security layer with face unlock and upgraded fingerprint functions from 5 to 8.

The Itel P33 design and available colors

Itel P33 comes in a range of vibrant colors including a new fashionable blue color and not forgetting the black layout on a close to bezzeless screen layout. As a matter of fact, the Itel mobile digital lead Lindah Nakityo applauded the device as an affordable big battery companion pimped with an elgant design.

“With the newly unveiled itel P33, itel Mobile is committed to providing best-in-class smartphones for everyone that offers more value with cutting-edge technology, features, and style but at a very friendly price. The itel P33 is extending the reputation of an exceptional value proposition that no mid-range flagship smartphone can match, and we are confident, this device will not just raise the bar but will satisfy our consumer’s need of a long-lasting battery to the fullest. – Lindah Nakityo, Digital Marketing Manager, Itel mobile

After months of expectations of what the next Itel phone would look like after an affordable A16 mash up. The Itel P33 seems to be an amazing companion that even without a top-notch, it will still be a perfect affordable smartphone to own in 2019.

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