Jaguza CEO Ronald Katamba to showcase usage of AI-powered drones

Jaguza is a renowned ICT applications firm that has taken the application of revamped technology in Africa to new heights. Ronald Katamba is the company CEO and the Jaguza app is one of those unique innovations that have attracted Investors to brace the company CEO for a showcase at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in San Fransisco USA this month.

Jaguza is a subset of Afro Soft technologies Ltd, a company co-founded by Ronald Katamba and a crew bringing creative innovations to life. As a matter of fact, the Jaguza app is one mantel solution that is a problem solver to all livestock-related cases through the usage of AI-powered drones and chips.

Ronald Katamba Jaguza Tech
Jaguza’s Ronald Katamba checks on an AI Powered drone at one of the experimental farms PHOTO: Jaguza tech

The Jaguza app packs a direct link to all configured drones that are shipped in by Farmers to monitor animal movements plus health meters away from the signal source. By the same fashion, the AI-powered drones simplify the work of a farmer by executing the hard task of tracking and monitoring animals on a farm.

So, the World Agri-tech Innovation Summit will be braced by one of Uganda’s Innovative founders with AI-powered drones taking over the thinking cap in agriculture. Furthermore, Ronald will be in Sanfransico to not only exhibit how Jaguza AI-powered drones spike the agricultural standards but also ship in new chips to improve the AI drone bots.

Ronald Katamba Flagoff
The AfroSoft team flags off the Jaguza CEO Ronald Katamba to the World Agitech Innovation Summit 2019 COURTESY PHOTO

Henceforth, as Ronald Katamba braces the 19th-20th slated World Agri Tech summit, we shall be on the watch of all innovative solutions bred from the 2 day shakedown. So, its a thumbs app to Jaguza which is now becoming a global brand and a spike for more innovative startups in the agriculture jungle.

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