Kenyan Police officers now undergo a compulsory 6months ICT training exercise

In case you thought ICT training is only designed for those with a few piles of degrees to their back, then you are wrong! The Kenyan Police is privileged to have a new compulsory ICT training scheme up where each and every policeman will now know how to use all sophisticated computer powered gadgets.

Through a new Information automation Information system (IMS) program that was rolled out across the country by Government. All police officers are required to learn how to use computers and be able to garner the skills and knowledge required to use this new system.

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Unlike elsewhere in East Africa, Kenya’s digitalized system will reduce all forms of corruption best known in police officers. The new IMS will ensure transparency in reported cases, tracking of records and keep track of all performance and activity reports on each and every station in Kenya.

In September last year, the ministry of interior unveiled digital occurrence books (OBC) o improve real-time reporting of crimes and maintain public order where necessary. So the new police IMS system will collectively work with the ministry’s formation to keep track of all police activities in a digital powered country like Kenya.

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