Here is a list of StarTimes packages and prices in Uganda

StarTimes packages and prices in Uganda reflect an affordable path tailored for every customer regardless of their financial status. StarTimes packages were launched in Uganda way before GoTV was ushered into the country, this means, getting owning a StarTimes decoder assures you a commitment to coverage in your area.

In the early days of its rollout, StarTimes packages and prices in Uganda became available in all parts of the country including remote areas such as the Karamoja region. In some of these areas, Analog signals are hard to receive on TV sets, and the use of a StarTimes decoder offers digital coverage within the same areas.

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In comparison to other PayTV services in the same class such as Azam, Zuku, and GoTV, StarTimes packages and prices in Uganda are averagely ranked with improvements shipped in per year.

By pricing, the lowest StarTimes package is priced at UGX 13,500, and the highest click at UGX 30,000 as the monthly recharge fees for Antenna decoders. If you have a StarTimes dish in Uganda, then, the prices change, and more packages are available starting from UGX 15,000 to UGX 80,000 as illustrated in this article.

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The StarTimes Packages and Prices in Uganda

StarTimes packages and prices in Uganda are ranked in two categories depending on your receiving decoder, the Antenna decoder, and the StarTimes satellite dish decoder. Both offer different packages and prices as listed below.

StarTimes Antenna Decoder


StarTimes Satellite Dish Decoder

Nova 15,000
Smart 30,000
Super 54,000
French 72,000
Chinese 80,000

How to Watch StarTimes for free in Uganda

StarTimes has active partnerships with MTN and Airtel, through these, you can watch StarTimes for free in Uganda using your smartphone. This is achievable through the StarTimes ON App which is available on the Google Play store and Apple store.

To watch StarTimes for free in Uganda using the mobile application, simply contact a friend or family member with a decoder to share with you their account number. Enter the account number in the App, and start watching StarTimes content for free.

However, make sure your friend or decoder owner does not use the App as well, because if they do, your access is revoked, and you’ll need to buy a decoder to register again. Nonetheless, with the current StarTimes packages and prices in Uganda, you can recharge to any of your desired packages using MTN Mobile Money or Airtel Money.

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