100GB at UGX 25,000, a complete list of Lyca Mobile Internet bundles

Lyca Mobile is an international mobile operator with disruptive bundles and network connectivity based on mobile virtual network (MVN) standards.

With MVN, an operator can have broad network connectivity without a single owned cell tower in a region, this is through partnerships and routing via existing networks to serve customers.

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Lyca Mobile Uganda launched earlier this year in January and it’s promised data bundles leaked online with spices of 20GB for as low as UGX 10,000.

Well, with the Lyca Uganda website now live from a regular landing page, here is a full list of the telco’s Mobile Internet bundles and respective prices.

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Lyca Mobile Internet Bundles


BundlePrice (UGX)
Lyca Mobile Daily Data Bundles


BundleMinutesPrice (UGX)
500MB50 International, 50 Lyc to Lyca1,000
5GB100 Internation, 100 Lyca to Lyca, 20 SMS5,000
10GB100 International, 100 lyca to Lyca, 20 SMS7,000
Lyca Mobile Weekly Data Bundles


BundleMinutesPrice (UGX)
20GBUnlimited, 50 SMS10,000
50GBUnlimited, 50 SMS25,000
100GBUnlimited, 100 SMS30,000
100GB (Giga)Unlimited, 100 SMS45,000
Lyca Mobile Monthly Data Bundles

For every Internet bundle, Lyca Mobile pimps the preloaded data with International and Lyca-Lyca Voice minutes which vary per package and validity period.

But, Airtime can only be purchased through digital payment channels like Payway wallet once you secure a SIMcard from the telco’s agents or head offices on Yusuf Lule RD in Kampala.

However, rumor has it that the current bundles might be promotional/starter packages than being the telco’s all-time regular. So it’s a first come first enjoy basis for some time as Lyca garners a loyal subscriber base in Uganda.

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