Meet the mobile app that allows you to test and notify a doctor when you have Malaria

In East Africa, Malaria has a high end streak in each and every country making up the region including the rest of Africa that still faces the same disease trekking over with low medical support to treat carriers, though the number has increased over the years giving Malaria the top slot aside all diseases stabbing citizens to death. A new medical smartphone app has been developed by a team of tech enthusiasts at the Makerere based AI lab in Kampala Uganda

Malaria in Africa will soon be a long gone story with a new smartphone app able to track identify carriers in a small blood sample. The mobile malaria detection app was developed in Uganda’s only AI lab at Makerere University and it’s the first of its kind in the country. Just like any other startups that have grown from Zero to trustable solutions, the un named app is a broad solution with an even wider problem to tackle

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As per the Interview with CNN, Rose Nakasi the lead architect behind the app developed it as a solution to the long ques witnessed in public hospitals waiting to be attended to by only a few doctors in a single hospital. The case in Ugandan based public hospitals worries many to a point that private versions are more popular than the former. Henceforth, the whole creation of the app is an approach to defeat the little or no access to doctors.

 How the AI malaria app works

Like a Microscope, Rose’s AI app works by detecting malaria parasites in a blood sample. The malaria parasites are automatically circled in form of coma signs by the app, additionally, your doctor is notified when the disease causing plakes are detected in the blood sample.

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In a reply to the computer doubts, Rose clarified that all results produced by the app are as perfect as an AI robot scanning a wordings on a paper. With no doubts in the service, malaria could soon be no more in Africa since the app is set to be rolled out to several Kampala hospitals for testing before a public roll out to help fight the Mosquito spread disease.

As per the case with rural doctors who in most cases lack access to proper facilities and less equipment for diagnosis. The malaria app is designed to suit each and every user moreover saving you from the burden of hooking up a Safeboda to the nearest hospital only to bump into a long queue in order to see the doctor. However, Rose didn’t confirm the pricing structure of this malaria app and we hope in future, we shall share the costs of owning this life-saving app that strengthens tides like a personal thermometer in your bag or pockets

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