Things you need to know about the MPESA Visa Card

Mpesa is undoubtedly the best money transfer service in Kenya, but thanks to Safaricom’s unending drive, Mpesa customers will now benefit from Visa services without opting for a Bank debit card. The Mpesa Visa card is a new product that is currently in the pipeline, but amazingly a better way to pay for goods and services online.

“We are delighted to partner with Visa in exploring products that will support both our customers and Lipa Na MPESA merchants” Safaricom CEO Peter Ndewa said during the Mpesa * Visa Partnership reveal

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With over 24.9 Million customers on the Mpesa network pulling off transactions on a daily, Visa’s 61million merchant networks worldwide are now able to accept payments directly from Mpesa to the Visa network through a Virtual card accessible from the Mpesa Menu.

With the Mpesa Visa card, a customer is able to complete an Amazon or eBay transaction by simply entering the Mpesa virtual card details. In fact, the created card works as a Visa card for payments except for the fact that it’s not bank-issued, but tailored for your Mpesa mobile money account.

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According to the Visa President of Africa, the Mpesa Visa card brings to play a new way to make fast and secure payments both online and at local VISA stores on top of carrying low transaction fees to use the card.

Safaricom and MPESA have already transformed millions of everyday lives throughout Africa and put Kenya on the map as a global leader in mobile money. We are thrilled to work together on the next stage of their journey, bringing safe and convenient financial services to all.”

Andrew Torre, President of Visa Central Europe, Middle East and Africa said

At the moment, the Mpesa Visa card is still in its early stages and it can be accessed from the Mpesa my account menu. Either way, the card creates a virtual Interface for your account and doesn’t require any physical Visa card since its virtually created.

For card details, they are sent through an Mpesa SMS message, and you can then perform transactions from multiple online stores to pay for any service that accepts VISA as a payment option. In a nutshell, this is one of the best Mpesa services you need to give a try.

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