Mtn’s Juuza Internet Vs Airtel’s Xtra Massape Which is better

Mtn’s Juzza internet and Airtel’s xtra massape re branded from Airtel gattawo which are both great offers from these two giant telecom companies in Uganda but the question of the day between them depending on their clients reactions which company offers more reliable internet depending on these amazing offers brought on board.


Mtn introduced the Juuza internet offer in late 2016 which brought up Airtel Gattawo in a bid to compete favorably in the market,All offers were great deending on customer reaction but by far majority praised mtn Uganda for the super fast internet and doubling the fun.

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All in all the question comes on-board,Which service do you think does it best for their customers as of both these two companies have a great customer base together with positive reactions from them.

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