New charging technology developed to charge smartphones in seconds

A New technology developed by researchers at Canada’s university of Waterloo will let users recharge their smartphone batteries in just a couple of seconds without any issues that arise from over charging. Supercapacitor is the new future charging mechanism launched to meet the rapid charging needs of many users who opt to have enough battery charge always, in a statement issued by one of the members regarding the progress made by the group stated

We are showing record numbers for the energy storage of super capacitors,and the more energy dense we make them,the more batteries we can start displacing

New smartphone charging is done by supercapacitors
The new super capacitors charging technology

The new super capacitor employs atomically thin layers of Graphene to maximise charge storage of batteries within the capacitors.According to a report by the researchers super capacitor technology has potential to replace common conventional batteries and can be employed in a wide range of consumer electronics together with automobiles, simply making it the future of fast power backup amidst both normal and wireless charging systems.

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