Expect these New features to be added on the Uganda National ID Card

National ID Cards came to life with prior registration exercises in 2013 after a rule by the East African Community, and since then owning a National ID Card became an ultimate goal for every citizen to achieve. The National Information and Registration Authority (NIRA) is a Gov’t agency that creates, issues and approves all National ID Cards with plans to add more features to the so far super effective mode of identification.

With a Pile of features including our Date of Borth, Surname and Last name already listed on the National ID Card. Expect a few more identification features like Blood group to be added to the card after a fresh new design is unveiled to the public. As a fact, these are the new features that will be added to the card as inked by trusted sources.

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  • Blood group
  • Allergies
  • General Health Status
  • Tribe

As per the rumored features list, the blood group listing would help unconscious victims to be worked upon without necessarily running prior tests, but by simply retrieving the recorded National ID information of the cardholder. Either way, Allergies, and the Health status would also help state your health conditions plus behaviors in case of a foreign visit or approval to a panel when needed. As an increment, the Tribe of every card holder is expected to be added inorder to carry enough race information about each and every citizen.

The rumored National ID Card features would make Citizen recognition much easier to a point that forging the card could be much harder than ever before. However, if the implementation phase cruises in the perfect league, then owning a full information National ID Card would be a better deal compared to owning an Electronic East African Passport.

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Nonetheless, we have no direct dates on when we shall see the new National ID features come to life, but according to our trusted sources, the Card will house the above features in its next update. So, the new features might be present on the next version of all National ID cards since NIRA holds initial birth certificates for all holders or even a fresh new medical affiliated registration exercise will be once again flagged off to upgrade all National ID cards after expiry.

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