Meet the new version of the Kiira EVS Hybrid car proudly made in Uganda

Among the countries working hard to produce cars in Africa, Uganda is one of those that have strived to put a finished car to the top over foreign manufacturers. The Kiira EV Smack was first unveiled in 2014 and the car model now has a new version being tested in Kampala.

The Kiira hybrid EVS is an upgraded concept of the original smack which was introduced as a Sedan series entrant to join the Kiira POC in making the revolutionary car business a dream come true in Uganda. For the past few days, the internet has been populated with pictures of the new Kiira EVS, but here is what you really need to know about the new hybrid car.

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It can use either electricity and fuel

Imagine if you owned a car that allows you to choose between driving with electricity or using your fuel pump to drive on the road. The new Kiira EVs relies on two engine mechanisms that allow it to either use electric power or spice up the engine with 1 litre for 10 kilometers within the city and 16Kms on a highway.

It’s fuel efficient

Most cars are manufactured with big litre fuel pumps these days with capabilities to consume even more than what’s prescribed depending on the on-road speeds. Well, the Kiira EVS ships in a fuel-efficient engine that shrinks usage depending on the mode of route taken. For instance, 1 litre can push you for 10 Kms and 16KMs on town service and a high way respectively. This implies that you spend less while driving this made in Uganda car on a road trip far away from your home zone.

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Has an automatic gear transmission system

For those who love manual gear transmissions, that is yet to come in the near future, but for now, the Kiira EVs features an automatic transmission system that is default for the car series. However, we don’t know whether manual versions will be produced by KMC.

Uses hybrid sensors to prevent collisions and execute car functions

In case you thought a car made in Uganda would suck and not feature any cool up to date features, then you better check out the proclaimed Kiira EV beast. During the on-road test to Parliament, doors had auto locks and super awesome collision warning features that can warn you incase you’re about to collide with another car.

Well, these are some exclusive features we didn’t expect to be featured on a car made in Uganda. Though, we don’t have an in-depth preview of what the car is capable of since onroad tests were performed by TV personalities alone. Nonetheless, this is a great innovation from Kiira motors and it doubles as the best Sedan ever produced in Uganda.

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