OnePlus Concept One: The 1st Smartphone with a color-shifting glass

The OnePlus Concept One Smartphone PHOTO: Beebom

OnePlus is a popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer that has not made a sounding impact to the top 3 list as yet, but is best known for cutting edge reliably fast flagships. The brand recently embarked on redefining its consumer experience and now has a new luxury design Smartphone in the pipeline

The OnePulse Concept One was unveiled at CES 2020 a few days back and triggered volumes of buzz around its sleek design and color-shifting glass technology shipped to its rear finish

In fact, the Smartphone is the fist to pack the technology standard which allows the rear camera glass to change from black to a transparent layer depending on the user’s preferences.

In collaboration with MacLaren as its partner, OnePlus chose to design the Smartphone with a color-shifting glass as an inspiration from the former’s 720s Spider sports car sunroof. Furthermore, the Car’s signature papaya orange color is what lifts the Concept One rear leather finish

The Concept One color-shifting glass: Redefining mobile photography

According to OnePlus, the Concept One glass technology is dubbed an ‘ invisible design ‘ tripping the device’s rear camera as disappearing drother.

When the Camera is not in use, the overlay glass takes over with a black finish and later shifts to a transparent mode when the rear cameras are triggered

The Glass technology visible (Left) Versus Invisible / transparent (Right) PHOTO: Beebom

Interestingly, the glass reportedly houses a level 8 Neutral density (ND) filter that allows you to capture high-quality photos under overexposed conditions, a perfect scenery would be a fast-flowing waterfall during shiny hours.

Given the fact that the disappearing color-shifting glass trembles between an all-black coating and transparency mode. It means the device’s 5 rear Cameras allow you to have a balance between natural light and over bright conditions to achieve great quality shots which is a + for mobile photographers.

Away from the leather bordered color-shifting finish on the device back, the Concept One packs a Quad-HD+ AMOLED as its display standard with a 90Hz refresh rate

But since the Smartphone is still a prototype, we expect OnePlus to ship the standard to any of its 2020 flagships before the actual Concept One lands on a launch deck. For now, all we have to do is wait for the next OnePlus flagship and see what it has to offer.

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