New Leak: Base PlayStation 5 to feature a 2TB SSD drive and cost $499

The PlayStation 5 is on the path to launching sometime next year as Sony revealed. However, its renders and teaser sheets continue to make rounds on the Internet with the latest being a 2TB Solid State Drive (SSD) to feature on the PS5 base version

Expected to retail at $499 as revealed by PSErebus (A credible gaming source) on Twitter. The PlayStation 5 will succeed the PlayStation 4 and 3 in the gaming corners

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Amidst the 2 TB SSD drive that it’s expected to ship with, gaming disks according to sony will house 100GB capacity games making them the biggest in the history of gaming in terms of capacity.

Though blue-ray disks are always known to house huge files, 100GB capacity per game will make the disks more delicate for full data storage. Either way, this is a signaler of what Microsoft’s Xbox project will also pave to with its future releases

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PSErebus’s 2TB rumor checks in as a variant of the history of the PlayStation 3 that was launched in 2013 with a 500GB disk and the PS4 a year later with the same disk size only to make a u-tun last year when the PS4 was re-launched in japan with a 2TB Hard Disk

In fact, PSErebus suggests a $499 price tag in comparison to the Ps3 and PS4 entry price tag that raved at $299 and $399 for the consoles respectively. However, the introduction of a 2TB SSD will put insight stiff competition from Microsoft’s project scarlet that will tighten up all odds to meet the PS5 standard.

Given the fact, that PSErebus is a trusted source with factual information on its rumor mill dish according to Beebom India. We can’t wait but imagine how the amazing Playstation 5 will perform with bulk-sized games to its running deck

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