Road rash the best motorbike game that hit the game scene in the early 2010s. Now, an upcoming bike-racing game called Road Redemption has set the internet on fire. The trailer that dropped earlier this month shows the new avatar of the classic racing game. With this trailer dropping we expect to see a whole new redefined bike-racing game that is focused more on graphics since road rash had poor graphics to some the then Pentium processors

1506604162 road redemption game road rash
Road redemption will feature many road rash previous game moves

While many believe it’s the successor to Road Rash, note that the original game was developed by Electronic Arts whereas Road Redemption is brought to you by Pixel Dash Studios and EQ Games. By mid 2010 road rash was as popular as need for speed by that time since many gamers opted for bike-racing than car-racing with need for speed 2 by then,so with the 2 games hitting by then its only need for speed that opted to create more upgrades to their popular racing game with the evolving new processors by then the intel duo core machines were present on the market thus EA sports launched need for speed Underground and Need for speed most wanted which took the market by storm with increased purchases of these games,furthermore the FIFA games development was still in progress thus road rash faded away from the scene with time only to bounce back with the whole new road redemption game.

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road rash ss5
The then road rash as played on pentium core computers

The graphics for the game look top-notch, comparable to any of the popular games in 2017. It does retain the essence of the game: Kick and punch the rivals to hit the finish line first, together with throwing chains to ur rivals so as they crash and you good to go for the finish line, however you had to finish first or else you would be busted meaning you failed to reach the ultimate goal of being the first rider to finish the cross line.This reminds us of the movie mad max which involves similar saga as that in road rash,With its similar return we expect to see road redemption a successor of the then popular road rash.

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