Safe boda rolls out its apple IOS app with free 10,000/- credit

Safe boda Uganda’s first ever motorcyclist booking app has yet introduced its new ios app available for the iphone users meaning its now a cross-platform app with android & ios integration.

Safe Boda’s previous android app banner

Safe boda was introduced in Uganda Late 2016 and it transformed Uganda’s transport sector since customers didn’t not have to bargain with the riders but rather use the safe boda app to order for a nearby rider and be charged the transport fare after reaching their final destination and pay depending on the arrival time, incase of any delays on the road fares go higher. Uber is the car alternative of safe boda alongside other services like quick taxi among others which use apps as well and charge the fare after a customer reaches their destination.

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Download the new Safeboda Ios app here and get free 10,000/- credit for the first 500 downloads to get yourself a safe boda today

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