You can now Send parcels, Cashless credit using the new SafeBoda app

SafeBoda now allows you to send parcels to any location in Uganda and cashless credit to a fellow user in your contacts league. These new features check-in as major addons of version 3.0 series of the SafeBoda app that has amazingly shifted from just a Boda hailing wing app to an all in one services companion.

Among the new features that were earlier shipped to the SafeBoda app include the ability to buy Airtime using SafeBoda credit and a new dashboard layout for the app.

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Amazingly, the orange hailing camp decided to bring to life its old delivery system that this time around poses a live tracking feature. During the SafeBoda app early stages, the service was best known for having consistent and trustworthy drivers to make deliveries anywhere in Kampala.

After major upgrades and stiff competition stepping into the ride-hailing league, SafeBoda shifted to a fully passenger service and it’s through the same league that it has decided to shape deliveries back to life.

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How to use the New SafeBoda parcels feature

  • Update your SafeBoda app through the Google Play or Apple Store.
  • Open the SafeBoda app, to access the SEND feature located between the Ride and Airtime options.
  • Select send
  • add the delivery address
  • add the receiver’s contact number
  • Under package details, select the type of parcel, for instance; Smartphone, Camera, laptop, etc.
  • Enter your pick up location
  • Select your mode of payment whether Cashless or Cash for your trip
  • Request (order) to get the nearest SafeBoda rider or Pair when you’re close to the driver.

With the above procedure, your package will be securely delivered by a SafeBoda driver without any extra shipping charges. So, this is simply the cheapest delivery service you can cruise with without popping up for other popular modes like DHL or FedEx.

To Send cashless credit to another user in your contact book, simply use the send feature and select Cashless transfers to credit a friend who could be having a Zero signal on their SafeBoda account. Nonetheless, with a new delivery option and cashless credit transfers, SafeBoda is destined for a continental take over after its Kenya and Nigeria rollouts.

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