Shamim Nabuuma Nominated in The Business Insider Africa Awards

Uganda techpreneur, and founder of Chil Artificial Intelligence Lab, Shamim Nabuuma Kaliisa, has been nominated in the Business Indiser Africa awards. Nominated in the social entrepreneur of the year category, Nabuuma shares the category with Toyosi Akere-Ogunsiji, the CEO of Rise Networks, Orondaam Otto, the Founder and CEO of Slum2School, Misha Teasdale, a Co-Founder at Greenpop, and Tunde Onakoya the Founder of Chess in Slums Africa.

The Business Insider Africa Awards recognise influential business leaders, and entrepreneurs that are driving change, transforming businesses, and making a significant impact in Sub-Saharan Africa. This year, voting will close on 3rd April 2022 at 23:00 West African Time (WAT) with entries acceptable through the business insider website.

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As a nominee in the Social Entrepreneur category, Nabuuma cited the awards as a great step that proves how the world views Chil AI as not only a healthcare lab, but also a hunger and food scarcity problem solver as she explained to PC Tech Magazine.

“I am so happy that I was nominated. I actually never knew I was but this shows that the world sees our work not only in healthcare but also in other fields like solving hunger and food scarcity.

I am so proud of it but most importantly proud of the team that works day and night to make sure the world sees Chil’s work.”

Nabuuma said

As a cancer survivor, Nabuuma founder Chil AI Lab in 2017 to offer cancer screening services to women. Currently, the company leverages AI guided e-oncology services to detect cervical and breast cancer, also, the company deploys drones for swift transportation of cervical cancer specimens from remote areas to laboratories without stressing women in Uganda, South Sudan, Botswana, and DRC where Chil AI operates.

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Having engineered the expansion of the Solerchil Technologies food chatbot – a social AI-powered Conversational E-commerce platform, into the Kenyan market, Nabuuma’s efforts grew from providing AI powered services to simplifying the food supply chain in the country as Solerchil offers solar services to farmers and business owners for safe preservation of food.

Now, with her nomination in the business insider awards, Nabuuma yet again gains a new record having been selected in the Bloomberg New economy as one of the most outstanding innovators making the inaugural class of catalysts that includes 30 other scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and policymakers.

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