Prefer Cooking on Gas? Here are the Shell Gas prices in Uganda

Shell gas in Uganda is remarkably one of the best cooking companions you can opt to have as a vote to conserve the environment by forgetting charcoal fuel. The amazing bit about Shell gas is that, it’s one of the most affordable options you can choose.

Total Gaz, Oryx gas among other cylinders are also great companions for cooking with an environmental conservation scent. However, we’ve come to accept that Shell gas could be the best and today we have a full list of the cylinder prices in Uganda.

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Shell Gas Prices in Uganda, New cylinder and Refill charges

Cylinder CapacityNew Cylinder PriceRefillAdd-on Accessories
6KG Ka Portable155,00049,00035,000 (Grill + Burner)
6KG New168,00049,00048,000 (Regulator + Horse Pipe)
12KG274,50096,00048,000 (Regulator + Horse Pipe)
12KG LITE324,00096,00048,000 (Regulator + Horse Pipe)
45KG562,000267,00048,000 (Regulator + Horse Pipe)
Shell Gas Cylinder Prices in Uganda

If you wanted to save some bucks off your next gas purchase as a single, we suggest you start with the 155,000/= (without accessories) priced Ka portable 6KG cylinder suitable for low cooking requirements.

Contrary to the status, you can opt for the 12KG if you’re a family consumer, if not the superior 45KG cylinder which can boost your cooking productivity by lasting longer on a single refill due to a larger volume.

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shell gas LITE prices in uganda
The Shell Gas LITE is a cylinder designed for maximum performance yet with enhanced abilities including visible gas levels, unlike metallic cans.

Well, if it’s your first time owning a gas cylinder, you can always consider payign a full price to get all add-on accesories if not buying them seperately to spice up your cokking experience.

Commonly, Small cylinders like the 6KG Ka portable require a top burner or grill inorder to work with a direct connection. For Bigger Cylinders like the 12KG or 45KG, you must buy a Horse Pipe (Rubber pipe) that connects your cylinder to an external gas cooker for proper functionality.

So, it’s always better to enjoy your new Gas Cylinder depending on your planned usage capacity in a bright flame per light up. More so, with the fact that you can order for a Shell Gas Cylinder online, then cooking can just get easier for you with less carbon emmisions once you acquire a cylinder.

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