How to Snooze annoying Yaka beeps

Yaka beeps / tones can be stopped for only 24hrs and here is how

Yaka by Umeme is a service many customers sighted as a digital future for electricity bills. Without any mistakes made during manufacture. The Yaka electricity meters produces loud annoying beeps when units drop to 15 or less. But then, how can you actually stop these annoying beeps from ever reminding you to pay for more units.

UMEME which doubles as the licensed electricity distributor fines customers fond of tampering with the yaka meteres. However, silencing you Yaka meter is no crime since you wont be cheating the company for free electricity. As the Yaka meter has lots of digits available to play with, we shall only tamper with one button and the buzzer will be a story of the past with the following steps

Step 1: Go to Your Yaka meter and press the back sign button

         2: Wait for 3 seconds while pressing the button

         3: Hooray! you just silenced the Yaka beeps for 24 hrs

Carrying on the simple tricks from the above steps. You can only silence the Yaka meter for only 24 hrs meaning their is no escape route to non-payment. As you can repeat the above steps each time the buzzer pops up in your living room. The trick can’t save you from a power blackout when the units slow down to Zero (0).

Yaka meter beeps can be stopped yes! as we just did. But then, you should remeber that all we did was to snooze the meter for 24 hrs. Therefore with the above steps dont expect to not hear any more beeps from the meter. Snoozing is simply pausing the beeps for another day. Henceforth,getting rid of the annoying 1 2 beeps has never been easy that it is with the device button.

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