Sony has new tough unbreakable and water resistant cheap memory card series

Sony memory cards are some of those hard to find storage cards with an expensive flag on their price tag. However, this seems different from the new tough memory cards. Tough as the name sounds doubles as the Memory card series identifier for Sony’s newest releases. Some of the things this one card can do is that you won’t have to worry about dropping a memory card anymore.

The unique sony tough memory cards

sony tough memory cards
The sony tough memory card with its chippy had to scratch reader lines PHOTOCREDIT: The Verge

Memory card speed is always paramount if you are to record 4K videos for instance. However, only a few memory cards can handle the writing speed from high-end cameras. By this, Sony’s tough memory cards dont find any resistance when writing data so fast without interruption with speeds of up to 300Mbps.

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While the tough cards come in different sizes, the lowest you can grab is a 32 Gb at around $72. Just like any other memory cards you’d need to always take care of it amidst the resistance features. Henceforth, the next time you wish to buy a memory card for you Camera to capture some awesome moments or record long videos, Sony tough could be your best option.

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