Taxify launches new Boda hailing service dubbed “Taxify Boda” to compete with Safeboda

Taxify launched came to Uganda in 2017, but guess what it is giving Uber and safe boda headache. While Safeboda was the only Boda hailing service in Uganda, Taxify has come out to launch its brand new service to outcompete Uber and Safeboda.

Well, you have seen the orange helmets and reflectors dressed up by Boda boda riders in Kampala, that’s Safe Boda. However, Taxify’s new entry to the Boda market is extremely awesome and promising. As much as Tax has always been a Taxi service, its new entry into the Boda-boda industry will highly impact the general transport sector. Nevertheless, we should just wait to see the best in Uganda.

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Uber Uganda recently expressed its plans to join the market. But then where do we see its Uber Boda service head since Taxify has silently launched. While no one knew what Taxify was bringing on board, Uber should definitely wait to see its popularity days fade since new services are coming in.

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However, we just have to wait and see which service is better than the other. Nevertheless, it’s we the riders that really decide which service is better for us or maybe cheaper and efficient. Otherwise, Taxify is the new deal.

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