Taxify Uganda introduces a new Big car taxi hailing option

Taxify XL ride hailing option is a new advanced Taxi request option upgraded onto the Taxify ride hailing app. As riders are all used to the usual Taxi request options where you meet Toyota Spacios, Sienta, Mazda among other great cars. Taxify’s new Xl option will have big cars ready to pick you up on your next trip.

According to Taxify Uganda officials, The new ride hailing option will make trips easier than before. Appearing as Vans on the map. Riders will be able to travel in groups of 5 or more with the XL option which doubles the size of cars riders are used to requesting.

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[irp posts=”2638″ name=”Uber launches its Boda Option Uber Boda” with Golola Moses as the brand ambassador”]

Following the trend with competitive ride hailing services. Uber recently launched a Boda request option called Uber Boda. Not forgetting that Safeboda began the race for promoting the advanced motorbike business. However 2 months ago, Taxify came into the business and for that Uber joined the race as well.

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However, with Taxify’s new Taxi option. Riders will be able to request big cars that have bigger options to move you around the city. More so, you don’t need to update your app. But either download and Install the Taxify app or simply open your app today to request a Taxify XL trip.

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