Introducing Big 5 + 5: A new weekly Technology digest

On our coming soon ladder is a new Articles Archive dubbed Big 5+5. The New weekly digest will feature top news stories and what transpired in the world of Innovation and Technology. Given the fact that Startups and Innovation creeds are propping from every node of the Tech lane globally. Providing balanced opinions and news from the craze becomes the lane we shall be taking on our new Weekly turnover digest.

The Big 5+ 5 weekly Tech Point Magazine digest will feature news from the Startup sphere, opinions from both local (Uganda) and global stories together with a craze of events from the Smartphone manufacturers craze served to you with a Pearl of Africa lone spice.

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Big 5 + 5 is an initiative that will have all stories per week compiled into a 10 headers article with the biggest 5 taking a lion’s slot and a bonus of 5 couple rounds assuming the rest of the forest deck. As a fact, we aim at airing what you might have missed in the course of a week and plans by global Technology giants.

The Goal

From the Tech Point Magazine team, all authors will contribute to delivering well-balanced nodes of the 4-time monthly round-up. Furthermore, the Weekly digest will be published every Sunday starting on 9th-June-2019 incrementing on the start of a new week ahead.

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The 10 headed structured digest will cover articles from our News category and cross over to the Innovation yard garnering a total of 5 big entrants of in the Tech yard. More so, as the team plans to bring a well-sensitized forum section to the website in future, the new Big 5+5 is an igniter of what you could have missed from Tech Point Magazine. Nonetheless, share with us your thoughts about our new weekly tech digest that will ignite start flares by the end of this week.

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