TECNO Camon 15 Impressions and Review: More of the same

The latest Camon series release, and probably the best-ever launched, the Camon 15. Before the multiple Cameras trend came into play, TECNO mobile kept its Camon series lane triggered to excellent mobile photography and swift performance with guaranteed uptime supported by average battery standards.

Well, ever since the Camon CM which launched as a sleek, full-screen Smartphone succeeding the Camon CX popularity streak, all Camon releases that have followed have always popped in with something new to offer as compared to its predecessors.

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Its 2020, and the TECNO Camon 15 is the latest release succeeding the Camon 12 Smartphone that was launched mid-last year (2019). As a popular norm, we placed the Camon 15 on our review desk, and here is our overall tale from unboxing, impressions to performance.

Camon 15 First Impressions

Tecno Camon 15 Smartphone
The TECNO Camon 15 Smartphone

Once Unboxed, the TECNO Camon 15 shines as an elegant premium finish Smartphone. A punch hole notch teases as a full Screen display guarantee with minimal distraction. But, what actually excites is the big Screen size rocking at 6.5Inches and measured at 7500*1000pixels as per the specs sheet.

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To the rear, the Camon 15 looks elegant with a duo color gradient crossed on the device back. A Quad camera setup (4Camera) excites, but that doesn’t shake ground since almost every new Smartphone comes with 4 Cameras or more.

However, the Camera setup to the top rear corner attracts enough space for the rounded-fingerprint sensor that maintains a center-piece location, which is nice, and makes the rear features accessible.

On Power-on, the Camon 15 packs Android 10 straight out the box with TECNO Mobile’s custom firmware rocking at Version 6.0 (HiOS 6.0). With an uptime estimate of 2-3 days due to the 5000mAh standard, the Camon 15 must be one of the best 2020 releases, though it’s a little back trend as we find out in our review.

Build, Design & Display

Just like previous Camon releases since the Camon 11, the TECNO Camon 15 packs a reflective duo-color gradient to its rear-plate. The gradient overlay makes the Smartphone appear more beautiful than it would have been with a single color, that’s a thumbs up.

But, the placement of a fingerprint sensor to the back is a little old-school at the moment, we expect TECNO to be moving to new standards like having the fingerprint sensor on the Power button.

Tecno Camon 15 Rear Cameras
The Camon1 5 Quad Rear Camera Setup

By size, the TECNO Camon 15 is basic sized and not as heavy as it appears straight out the box, this permits great user experience since having a light Smartphone matches with the current Trend where bulky Phones are nolonger a thing.

Tecno Camon 15 Ports
A Micro USB port, Speakers and Headphone Jack rule the Camon 15 bottom edges

Basically, the Camon 15 design is fantastic with its rear-cameras packed in the top left rear corner and the fingerprint sensor finishing the device’s rear plate. Also, the existence of a SIMcard tray making the battery non-removable is a perfect transition being a 2020 release.

Well, to the Front, the Smartphone sports a 6.5 HD+ Inch Screen which we’ve seen on several Camon releases now, But pumps the best of quality and detail when running Apps on the Smartphone.

Likely, the punch hole display notch is well placed on the Smartphone equipped in the top left corner away from the regular mid-screen location. With plenty of distance between the Screen bezels and the notch, full-screen display is a norm without any distractions to the screen detail since the front camera too sits under the punch-hole notch.


Tecno Camon 15 Camera Quality

4 Rear Camera sensors are gifted to the TECNO Camon 15 rear camera setup. These include a Wide angle Camera, Super Wide Angle, Telephoto and a Macro lens. With such a setup, you expect ballistic image quality from the quad setup, and yes, the Camon 15 delivers perfect image quality.

However, the major disadvantage is that, the Camera system doesn’t feature a sensor by sensor control module. In that, you’re able to choose which lens works at a time similar to high-end Samsung and Huawei releases.

To serve the Pro mode purpose, several tweaks exist to control the Camera with major modes swived to Wide Angle, Telephoto and Macro capabilities. With these modes, you’re able to somehow control the Cameras and achieve probably some of the best mobile shots on the Camon 15.

To the front, a single 13MP Selfie camera sports a punch hole notch position, this means a perfect angle to capture groufies than selfies.

Excitingly, no front flash exists, but the camera delivers exceptional low light performance. This is done through a strong screen flash that creates cool overlay light that works in a fashion similar to that of LED Flash lights.

By performance, the front camera delivers perfect quality selfies as the rear camera. Just incase you’re a Snapchat/Tiktok fan, the Camon 15 Camera modes feature AR Functionality where you get to choose multiple tweaks you can apply on your images.

System Response and General Performance

The Camon 15 is a fast-performance smartphone, thanks to its 4GB RAM for the base version, we didn’t meet any system lags while using the device. Game execution is swift and multi-tasking with multiple apps open at once is as easy as a flip.

The Smartphone equips an octa core MediaTek processor, though TECNO is glued to using this kind of processors for its devices, performance is great, but this can be greatly attributed to the supporting RAM and Internal storage able to run memory-centric Smartphones with ease.


5000mAh is the battery capacity equipped by the Camon 15, this is the first a Camon series release to borrow functionality type from the Pouvior series. Being a non-removable battery, uptime is guaranteed since battery damages are not common with inbuilt standards.

By Charging type, TECNO Camon 15 uses a micro USB port, this is 2020, and this is a yesterday standard. So, we’d expect USB-C to be equipped on such a Smartphone that is not only tied to Camera performance, but also has a big battery capacity.


All in All, TECNO Camon 15 is the latest Camon series release that has come off the launchpad in a year where the COVID19 Pandemic has taken control. However, if compared to its predecessors, the Camon 15 is a great upgrade kit.

On a low light, the fact that you can’t individually control the rear camera sensors, but instead all work as 1 and selectively shift between modes, the choice of having a Smartphone with multiple cameras becomes a disadvantage. By similar fashion, its high time for a Camon series release to equip USB-C which comes with plenty of advantages contrary to micro USB.

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