TECNO Phantom 10 with USB-C expected to launch in 2020

USB-C on a TECNO Smartphone, this was last seen on the TECNO Phantom 8. But now, the TECNO Phantom 10 is rumored to be on a path to launch before 2020 comes to a close.

For a while now, TECNO Mobile has been on the outskirts of featuring the latest industry features on its Smartphones. In simple terms, cloning high-end releases to a budget-friendly lane with a mid-range recipe.

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However, USB-C has not been a top-notch feature on almost all TECNO Smartphones manufactured in the past 2 years. But now, the Phantom 10 is expected to finally usher in the Type C revolution to TECNO Smartphones, a trend which will be swiftly adapted to the Spark and Camon series.

As seen with the TECNO Camon 15 that has a premier version rocking as a superior model with a pop-up selfie camera, we expect TECNO Mobile to gift the Phantom 10 Premier a premium touch as exclaimed, and only differ from the standard version by specifications.

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Being 2020, the Phantom 10 could have a quad rear camera setup with a layout similar to that of the TECNO Spark 5 and Camon 15 Smartphones. Likely, the flagship is expected to ship a 5000mAh battery standard as the trend is with major 2020 TECNO Mobile releases.

In a nutshell, the TECNO Phantom 10 is on its way to the launchpad, and it might be one of the best TECNO Flagships ever launched. Once the Smartphone is launched, we shall route what it has to offer, but for now, the Phantom 9 is finally having its successor shine in 2020.

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