TECNO Spark 3 and Spark 3 Pro Smartphones Launched in Uganda

After several months in the Spark 2 shadows, the affordable selfie league now has the TECNO Spark 3 as its newest entrant in Uganda. TECNO Mobile made the unveiling today at Sheraton Kampala hotel and we must say, the Spark 3 is one of those amazing releases that will by far raise eyebrows this year. Just like any major other TECNO releases, the Spark 3 is accompanied to the market with a superior Pro version to its model.

The Tecno Spark 3 and Spark 3 pro phones succeed the Spark 2 which not only had a great camera, but also an affordable companion much superior to its K7 predecessor. By the sphere of the new smartphone, TECNO mobile inked an upgrade in its AI functionalities with the latest Spark 3 norm being an AI bright camera.

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According to Gladys Liu, The Spark 3 is predicted to surpass the popularity streak of its predecessors. History has it that the initial Spark K7 was popular due to its price tag and extensive features as the Spark 2 upgrade looked amazing with an even bigger screen and a light up super grade selfie camera. Amazingly the Spark 3 is expected to surpass the ratings due the much prioritized camera upgrades a notch higher than the Spark 2.

We are proud to announce the release of TECNO SPARK 3 series. Equipped with the latest AI technology, the success of SPARK 3 is predicted to surpass that of its predecessors. SPARK 3 takes photography to a whole new level as it’s a by-product of rigorous research of massive human faces. Come and try SPARK 3, the AI Beauty Mode will blow your mind – Gladys Liu

Among the amazing features packed to the new Spark 3 series, the latest OS Android 9 Pie is shipped to the 32GB/16GB chips. To the AI lane, Google Assistant and smart notifications are also additional features of the new Spark 3 smartphones. As a matter of fact, the best feature we’re excited to see come true is the top notch which will make owners feel like they can still ride in the same zone as iPhone X owners.

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tecno spark 3 smartphone launched in uganda
The Tecno Spark 3 has been launched in Uganda and it retails for 429,000/= as its pro version jacks at 489,000/=

Nonetheless, here is a taste of the amazing camera features shipped to the Spark 3 in addition to smart voice assistant and more privacy when using the phone.

TECNO Spark 3 AI Bright Camera

The SPARK 3 camera comes equipped with AI technologies and high configuration for brighter photos that results in high quality, bright and smooth pictures.

Skin —— SPARK 3 can recognized different face features and tones and give the most suitable level of “re-touch” and “lighting” automatically to your photos, which including skin polish, dispel freckle, remove acne, remove pouch and black rim of the eye.

3D Face Fine-tuning —— SPARK 3 AI camera can cover 18 face dimensions to enable 3D face fine-tuning. Also help to enhance hair contrast and color saturation, highlight your forehead, nose, lips. It even smartly increases the eyelids to both left and right to extend the eye liner, you can get the beautiful photo just in one second without having make-up.

tecno spark 3 smartphone price after launch in uganda
Welcome the Top notch to the Spark series, the Spark 3 is the first in its class to ship the display mode

Mix Flash 2.0 —— TECNO SPARK series always with ultra-bright front flash. The SPARK 3 comes with an 8MP front camera, F2.0 large aperture, 4P lens, 78° selfie angle, and adjustable front flash, adding the front flash and brighter screen, SPARK 3 is sure to give the best experience while taking photos, doing video chat, playing games and watching videos.

All in all, the Spark 3 is beyond what we expected, amidst the fact that it’s pro version is a charm with a spike in hardware specs, this is one of those budget-friendly releases to watch out in 2019. As a matter of fact, the Spark 3 will spike the mid-range sphere with shake down in price differences now that the pro version costs 489,000/= as the basic version goes for 429,000/=. Nonetheless, we shall test the outcomes of the Spark 3 performance once we receive a review kit of this amazing release.

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