Tomb raider reboot trailer drops

Tomb raider also known as Lara croft is the most successful movie based on a video game at the United states box office that was based on the 2001 release Lara croft:Tomb raider starring the popular Angelina Jolie.
The video game on which the movie is based was created by a british gaming company “Core design”,formerly owned by Eidos interactive then by Square Enix after their acquistion of Eidos in 2009.Development of the Tomb raider game had began in 1993 and its success prompted core design to develop a new game per year for the next 4 years which strained the staff.

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Not Loved by everyone the movie grossed over $131,168,070 at the box office which is quite respectable showing that was enough to prove a point which puts it at the top of the long awaited video game movie adaptation failures according to Box office mojo.
Warner brothers is once again trying with reboot of tomb raider starring swedish actress Alicia Vikander.From a rare point of view female actresses are hitting the scene since the timing is right for feemale driven actions hits from movies like the hunger games,super girl and wonder woman.

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Some other game driven movies like warcraft in 2016 had great success across the world which was way similar to the assasins creed movie that were all driven by video game movie productions however could the timing be right for these video game movies since the Us audience is still not comfortable with this whole new genre.
Reboot of tomb raider is scheduled to be released in march 2018 according to Warner bros and this is set to be one of yet another exciting release of the video game movie genre amidst the negative feedback from the Us audience where the production starts from,

Today 20th september the official reboot of tomb raider first trailer was released and you can watch it here 

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