Top 10 types of Uber riders – Which one are you?

Uber recently celebrated it’s 5th year anniversary in Africa. That’s major. For a brand that first launched its operations in Africa in the bustling city of Johannesburg in 2014, Uber is now available in thirteen other cities in Africa, including Tanzania, Uganda, Cape Town, Accra and Nairobi in Sub-Saharan Africa, and Cairo and Alexandria in Egypt, North Africa.

Since making great strides in Africa, one that has remained constant with Uber is its Riders. Driver-partners all over the African continent attest to the fact that they interact with a diverse and unique range of Riders on a daily basis – which makes their time on the app even more interesting!

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Each Rider brings their own unique identity and flavour – whether it’s the ones who ride shotgun striking up friendly banter with the driver-partner, or the ones who prefer the backseat to catch up on work, or even the ones who like the radio on… really loud,each one of them continues to contribute to Uber’s exciting journey.

Here are 10 types of Riders you’ll meet on an Uber trip – which of them are you?

The Navigator Pro

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This Rider gives maps a run for their money, and is probably one of the driver-partner favourite type of Riders. This Rider knows alternative routes like the back of their hand and is a gem for when the main roads are backed up. With their insights on back-roads and shorter routes, you’ll zip past the traffic and still make that Monday meeting in Kampala. While driver-partners do have GPS, it’s always appreciated when a rider can provide an uncharted route that is both quick and effective.

The Human Wikipedia  

Some Riders prefer sitting in the front with the driver-partners, and these types usually strike up conversations about really interesting things. Like the best place to traditional cuisine in Kampala, or where to get really affordable mechanics in Kira town. This Rider is a treasure-trove of local information and makes sure that the trip is full of laughs and extremely useful information. Did someone say 5-stars?

The Auxcellent Rider

For some Riders, music defines the trip, and a great track, irrespective of the distance, will make it memorable. Whether it’s jamming to Mummy yo by Sheebah Karungi or Mbakooye by Eddy Kenzo this type of Rider wants to be in charge of the music on their trip and they often request for an aux cable. The music is usually so good that the driver-partner gets put in the mood for the weekend, whether it’s the weekend or not.

The Enterprise Mogul

For some Riders, Uber is a great way to support their business. Whether it means adding additional 3-minute stops to make quick deliveries to customers, or using the same feature to touch base with existing and prospective customers, this Rider is getting the best business support by riding on Uber. Cha-ching!

The Strong Silent Type

Some Riders get into an Uber and prefers to just spend time alone with their thoughts, without necessarily engaging in conversations. No radio, no ear plugs, no devices. These types of Riders, it seems, utilize their trips as a means to reboot and get their energy levels up – no there aren’t rude or brusque – they are just the strong silent type.

The life of the party

The club scene in Uganda has a life of its own, With a wide variety of clubs to choose from for a fun night out this rider is on the lookout for some fun and nothing will stop them. This rider is slaying from their outfit, makeup and hairstyle. This rider is most probably heading to either Nyondo club or Don’s club and is ready to paint the town red.

Front-seat rider

The citizens of Uganda are known for their friendliness, and many driver-partners reported that this was the most common rider. These type of riders are often overflowing with conversation, eager to get to know the driver-partner and also share in some experiences. Talking always eases the trip and makes it go quicker. It doesn’t hurt that being friendly and courteous to each other also improves ratings. Uber has recently challenged riders to take the #Frontseatchallenge where they encourage riders to get to know their drivers a little better – why not get involved?

The Back-seat business pro

Smart suit, snazzy shoes, catching up on emails or phone calls in the back seat while heading to a conference or a meeting –  sounds familiar? This rider is often so preoccupied with work- clicking away on the computer or tapping away on a device – that the driver-partner knows that they need all the quiet time they can get. Sometimes this Rider will also share great business insights that the driver-partners find useful – like the latest technology inventions, or investment information.

The Social Prefect

This type of Rider is similar to the life of the party – just that their social lifestyle is a lot more diverse. Singles fellowship on Sunday, book launches on Monday, Poetry readings on Tuesday, business dinners on Thursdays, club-hopping with friends on Fridays – for this Rider, Uber is the perfect accompaniment for their social and very busy lifestyle.

Oprah on Trip

Are you the warm, kind-hearted rider whose positive outlook on life will inspire everyone you come into contact with? From their many stories of struggle and triumph, these riders will provide you with your daily dose of motivational Monday. These riders sometimes even invite you to their church. Talk about food for the soul – anyone say amen?

With so many trips taking place every day, drivers and riders can always look forward to connecting with interesting riders and we are so excited to be a part of it!

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