This is the true power of social media in Uganda! “The Internet reacts to Hon Abiriga’s death”

Late Hon Ibrahim Abiriga was brutally murdered on 8th June 2018 only to prove the power of social media in Uganda

Social media in Uganda is a broad yet to be taxed service y Government. Moments away from the death of the ruling party NRM stronghold Hon Ibrahim Abiriga. The internet was quick to rush and comment on an event that eventually happened only 3 minutes away with bullet fast movement of the message. By 7pm the whole nation was filled with sad news of the yellow man being gunned down meters away from his home as our sister website reported.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are broad super fast platforms that spread the sad news throughout the country. Nonetheless, media stations got to know of the story through Whatsapp meaning social media highly contributed to the spread of the sad news in Kawanda. But then, Does this stop Government from taxing the platforms? Here are some of the quick tweets that were sent in on Twitter confirming the untimely death of a not so loved by dearly missed politician Hon Ibrahim Abiriga.

Do you think Government should really tax social media depending on the response rate as to which the whole country received news of a fallen politician?

Should Government really tax Social media apps

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