Twitter now allows you to tweet up to 280 characters

Social media Giant Twitter for over the years promised users to increase the tweet limit to a higher number inorder for users to fully share what’s on their mind similar to Facebook’s status update. 280 characters is the new tweet limit set from the usual 140 that was always criticised by tweeps due to relatively too low space for them to share their tweets.

Twitter announced the new feature amidst great improvements to the platform that include ad charges, Facebook on the other hand rolled out new features month after month including the stories function that allows users share snapchat like moments. Rapid feature developments have been adopted by the top social media platforms including Snapchat and Instagram that roll out new features every quarter.

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The general twitter community can now utilise the 280 maximised character limit as opposed to the earlier few accounts selection that benefited from the beta feature before public release. Furthermore twitter is planning to extend the tweet limiting to either double in order to compete favorably against Facebook

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